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      The InBetween LA (t.i.b.) is a fashion brand and the parent company for The Wild About Mary Blair label/brand. We are based in Los Angeles and made in the USA, offering limited production runs to help minimize textile/fashion waste. We specialize in knitwear apparel for women and men as well as lifestyle items such as throws, beach blankets, masks and more.  We offer customization and whole sale opportunities as well.

      In 2019, The InBetween LA launched the Wild About Mary Blair label, inspired by the colorful world of art created by Mary Blair.  Blair, a visionary and groundbreaking artist, was one of the most influential artists in Disney's history.  Her art designs along with her exuberant and kinetic color palette, are featured and re-interpreted by W.A.M.B. in apparel and lifestyle items.   

      W.A.M.B. holds a worldwide license for Mary Blair in apparel, specializing in Knitwear.   The Wild About Mary Blair label merges the genres of classic design with a modern twist – blurring the lines between old and new.